The Sword of Glory

The Ancestral Sword of House Brightblade

weapon (melee)

The Sword of Glory is a beautiful and ancient weapon, amazingly well balanced, and easily swung in one hand even by a man of meager strength. The blade is elegant in its simplicity, and the star-forged steel is polished to a mirror shine; unmarred in any way despite its supposed age. Upon the blade there are etchings that resemble writing, perhaps of some long-dead language, but of this I cannot be certain. The hilt of the weapon, intricately carved ironwood, is of a much more modern design, and I can only assume it has been refitted by the family to which it currently belongs. The sword’s enchantment is, of course, it’s most remarkable feature. When drawn from it’s scabbard (itself, seemingly mundane) the blade turns even the darkest night bright as day, and does not seem to “cast” light so much as it seems to simply make light appear. To this effect the light of the sword cast no shadows and seems to emanate from the very world around it. More recently, and for reasons I am yet to understand, the blade has been seen to burst into flames, severely burning unprotected flesh and setting clothing ablaze.

— excerpt from the Journal of Brother Qywin


The Sword of Glory

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